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Broadband Robinhood? This man refused slow, pricey internet for his OWN fiber network, US Govt rewards him


A man in US built his own broadband company after getting fed up of expensive and slow internet. Here is the entire story.

Broadband operators in India compete for the lowest prices and fastest data speeds, which makes its heavenly for consumers. In the US however, things are different. Broadband connections are fairly expensive and not as easily available in most areas. In fact, one man from Michigan was handed over a bill of $50000 for a wireless ISP, which is atrocious for a common man. However, instead of settling for slow and expensive internet, this man stet up his won fiber broadband company and is now providing faster internet to his home and his neighbours at a much lower price.

Jared Mauch, a network engineer, used to have a slow 1.5Mbps data connection to his place and had grown frustrated with slow internet speeds. When he tried to upgrade to a faster wireless Internet Service Provider from Comcast, he was slapped with a bill of $50,000. Mauch didn’t want to go ahead with the same and eventually started working on his own broadband service five years ago.

Man builds his own broadband network

“It was so high at $50,000 that it made me consider if it was worthwhile. Why would I pay them to expand their network if I get nothing back out of it?” Mauch told the Daily Star.

Mauch started his own ISP service under the name of Washtenaw Fiber Properties and while he was the only customer to his service at first, his neighbours soon signed up for the service. Mauch started offering access to his broadband service at $199. For that price, Mauch was offering much faster fiber internet speeds. The base plan was offered with 100Mbps speeds at $55 per month whereas the fastest plan costs $79 per month with speeds of 1Gbps. He eventually managed to get almost 70 subscribers for his service.

Mauch has now secured a huge grant from the US Government to extend his services to over 600 homes in the region. The government awarded him a sum of $2.6 million, which should cover all the costs related to setting up the service and managing the network.

While this is a novel way to get around these greedy ISPs in remote areas, there is a new solution that should be easier and cheaper for people like Mauch – satellite internet connectivity. SpaceX’s Starlink service is currently under development and in a few years time, it should be able to provide fast internet connectivity to rural areas via satellites orbiting the Earth.



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