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DANGEROUS phone apps with over 2 mn downloads found on Google Play Store! Check full list here


Millions of android users have been warned of dangerous apps on Google Play Store riddled with viruses. Check the complete list here.

Despite the best efforts of Google to stop malicious apps from getting into Google Play Store, many still manage to do so. A new batch of thirty-five malware Android apps were detected on the Google Play Store that could fill devices with highly intrusive advertisements. The list of apps in question are mostly settings apps. Once installed, these apps start sending annoying ads on devices and block other apps’ windows, show various notifications, create shortcuts, and load websites.

That’s not all, some of the apps automatically change their name and icon making it difficult to track them down and remove them from the device. As reported by cybersecurity company Bitdefender, these apps have been downloaded over 2M times. Though Google has already removed many of these malicious apps, those who have already downloaded it and are using it must delete them now.

Check the full list of dangerous apps on Google Play store

1. Walls light – Wallpapers Pack (gb.packlivewalls.fournatewren)

2. Big Emoji – Keyboard 5.0 (gb.blindthirty.funkeyfour)

3. Grand Wallpapers – 3D Backdrops 2.0 (gb.convenientsoftfiftyreal.threeborder)

4. Engine Wallpapers (gb.helectronsoftforty.comlivefour)

5. Stock Wallpapers (gb.fiftysubstantiated.wallsfour)

6. EffectMania – Photo Editor 2.0 (gb.actualfifty.sevenelegantvideo)

7. Art Filter – Deep Photoeffect 2.0 (gb.crediblefifty.editconvincingeight)

8. Fast Emoji Keyboard APK (de.eightylamocenko.editioneights)

9. Create Sticker for Whatsapp 2.0 (gb.convincingmomentumeightyverified.realgamequicksix)

10. Math Solver – Camera Helper 2.0 (gb.labcamerathirty.mathcamera)

11. Photopix Effects – Art Filter 2.0 (gb.mega.sixtyeffectcameravideo)

12. Led Theme – Colorful Keyboard 2.0 (gb.theme.twentythreetheme)

13. Animated Sticker Master 1.0 (am.asm.master)

14. Sleep Sounds 1.0 (com.voice.sleep.sounds)

15. Personality Charging Show 1.0 (com.charging.show)

16. Image Warp Camera

17. GPS Location Finder (smart.ggps.lockakt)

While Google has deleted most of these apps, ‘Walls light – Wallpapers Pack’, ‘Animated Sticker Master’, and ‘GPS Location Finder’ are still available. These apps are also available on multiple third-party app stores like APKSOS, APKAIO, APKCombo, APKPure, and APKsfull.


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