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Downloading an app from Google Play Store or App Store? Beware! Check these danger signs


Even if you’re downloading an app from Google Play Store or App Store, always look for these warning signs before you start.

The increasing popularity of smartphones and our reliance on them has made them very vulnerable to hacking and cyber crimes. Hackers target users by injecting dangerous malwares into an iPhone or Android phone through a link or an app from Google Play Store or App Store without letting them know. These viruses attack weak areas in the operating system and steal crucial data like banking details and data. Malware can infect any iPhone or Android phone and tablets through these rogue apps, infected file attachments, and shady websites. So, it is very important to be alert while browsing on the internet or downloading apps. Even a little bit of carelessness can make you a victim of cybercrime.

Hence, it’s very crucial to look for a few red flags before downloading any app in order to prevent you from being the victim of these malicious activities. Know the major warning signs before you download any app from Google Play Store or App Store.

Major warning signs to protect your phone from malware


Save your mobile phone from viruses and other security risks. Here are a few red flags that you must look for.

1. Never install “optimizing” and “cleaning” apps like Speed Clean, Super Clean, and Rocket Cleaner. Numerous malicious Android apps were found disguised as “cleaners” and “optimizers.”

2. Check feedback or reviews before downloading any app even from trusted app sources. Google has banned thousands of malicious apps from the Play Store in the past few months.

3. Check the number of downloads the app has before you too go for it. Claims of huge numbers of downloads for a new app is a warning sign as fraudsters use these tricks to trap users so if you see a new app is claiming millions of downloads, beware.

4. Developers mention all the details of apps in Google Play Store description including the app permissions it needs to access to work your phone. If you find any odd permissions it needs, then it’s a bad sign.

5. Research about the app developer, see if they’ve made any other apps. If yes, then look for their reviews as well.


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