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Earth just escaped a humongous asteroid, but NASA warns another fearsome space rock coming


After Earth escaped from a massive asteroid that came very close, NASA has warned of another space rock that is set to make its closest approach.

A humongous asteroid named Asteroid 2019 AV13 passed very close to the Earth yesterday, August 20, but keeping the fear factor alive is another one on way that is heading for our planet. The asteroid that just passed close by was an insanely big space rock at 420-feet, which could well have caused an unimaginable disaster on our planet. The giant skyscraper-sized asteroid made its close approach to the Earth at a distance of 5,280,000 km. Thankfully, it didn’t deviate from its fixed path of orbit and saved the planet from a major disaster. We might have escaped this giant asteroid, but another one is on the way to making a worryingly close approach to the Earth.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a department of NASA, that tracks asteroids and comets expected to make relatively close approaches to Earth, has warned that another space monster is going to come close to our planet on August 22. It may not be as big as asteroid 2019 AV13, but it is still a terror. NASA explains.

Asteroid 2015 QH3 to make CLOSEST approach towards Earth

Asteroid 2015 QH3 is said to be 44-foot in diameter, that is much smaller in comparison to the asteroid that Earth just escaped. But the terror is not in its size, but the close approach that it will make. According to NASA, the asteroid will come as close as 2,150,000 kilometers from the planet with a striking speed of 7 km per second. It may sound a large distance, but know that the average distance between Earth and the moon is about 239,000 miles or 385,000 kilometers. That means, it will be around 5 times the distance between the Moon and Earth. Because of how close the asteroid 2015 QH3 is expected to come near Earth, it has been designated as a potentially dangerous asteroid.

Not just this, but there are two other asteroids named 2022 QM with a size of 61-feet and a massive 92-feet wide 2020 QW3 asteroid which will whiz past the Earth in August 2022, however, they are not going to make such a close approach.


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