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Facebook Dark mode mysteriously stopped working on iPhones


Facebook’s dark mode has suddenly stopped working for iPhone users after the 379.0 iOS app update.

Facebook dark mode has suddenly stopped working for iPhone users across the world. Several users have taken to social media sites to complain that Facebook’s dark mode has mysteriously stopped working on their iPhones. The issue has surfaced after the latest app update on iOS. According to reports, the app reverts back to the traditional bright mode every time it is opened. The latest 379.0 version of Facebook’s iOS app, was designed to “fix some crashes and make features load faster.” However, it seems to have created new issues. Though it’s not clear when this bug will be fixed by Facebook as the app is yet to release any statement but you can try on your own to bring back the dark mode

How to turn on dark mode on Facebook




15 Minutes

Step 1:

Simply, go to the Menu on your phone and find Settings & Privacy at the bottom.

Step 2:

Next, select Settings and then scroll downwards until you find Facebook among your other apps.

Step 3:

Tap on “Dark mode” and switch it on. Once done, it would be enabled. 

Alternatively, if you want your iPhone set to dark mode more generally, you can choose the System option. Once done, your Facebook app will automatically turn to the dark mode or light mode, depending on your current iPhone’s background settings.

If the dark mode still doesn’t enable then you can uninstall the Facebook app and then re-install it again.

What is dark mode?

The Dark Mode replaces the bright, white interface on the website or a mobile app with a black background. This makes it easy to read the screen and relieve the eyes from excessive strain due to the bright white light. Facebook offers its dark mode option for most devices, including Android, iOS and web. Dark mode not only reduces strain on our eyes but also saves a little bit of battery on OLED displays.


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