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Huge Asteroid 2022 LG4, size of a Blue Whale, heading towards Earth; 4 more are on their way


Asteroid 2022 LG4 (NEO) will pass close to the Earth today on Aug 11, 2022.

Asteroids coming close to Earth and whizzing past have been making the headlines recently. The trend continued as today, a blue whale-sized asteroid, dubbed Asteroid 2022 LG4 (NEO), will reportedly fly past Earth at 22:01 at a distance of 9.82 million kilometers, equivalent to 0.07 astronomical units. The asteroid will be traveling at a speed of 10 kilometers per second. The asteroid 2022 LG4 belongs to Apollo Group or asteroids and was detected on June 02, 2022, according to Sky.org.

The report says that the asteroid 2022 LG4 will make its next close pass to Earth on July 31, 2046 at 3.42 million kilometers.

Not just this asteroid, there are 4 more space rocks hurtling towards earth that will fly by on August 12 and 13. Check out these asteroids that will be approaching Earth in the next three days.

Asteroid 2015 FF

On August 12, the asteroid 2015 FF (NEO) as big as the size of a house will reportedly fly by the Earth at a speed of 9 km/s. The space rock will be at a distance of 4,280,000 kilometers from Earth. The space rock was detected on March 16, 2015 and it will make its next near encounter to Earth on August 19, 2066.

Asteroid 2022 OT1 (NEO)

On August 13, Airplane-sized Asteroid 2022 OT1 (NEO) will make its closest encounter to earth on Aug 13, 2022. The space rock will be at around 4,760,000 kms from our planet Earth. It is the second biggest asteroid to approach our planet this week, with a size of 110ft. The asteroid 2022 OT1 was found on July 25, 2022 and it will make its next close approach on January 31, 2024.

There are a few more space rocks named Asteroid 2022 OA4 and 2022 PJ1 that will also fly by our planet on August 14 and 16 respectively.


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