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Man uses Apple AirTag to stalk ex-girlfriend in the UK!


Apple AirTag is a wonderful gadget to keep track of your things. If it is AirTagged, you can find anything easily. However, it is used by some for hideous purposes too as happened to this horrific man’s ex-girlfriend.

Apple AirTags have been a hot and controversial topic over the recent months due to a key reason – its ability to be horrifically misused by miscreants to stalk and harass people. Undoubtedly, AirTag is a great accessory that helps users keep track of their personal items such as keys, wallets, purses, luggage, or anything else. In fact, some people are keeping them even in cars to be able to track them if they get stolen. But in the past, several cases have been seen where Apple Airtag was used as a stalking device. In the most recent case, Christopher Paul Trotman, a UK man, used an Apple AirTag to stalk his ex-girlfriend. According to Daily Mail, the man harassed the victim with constant calls and questions and then ordered an AirTag online from Amazon to attach it to her car in order to track her every move. Apple AirTag can be linked with an iPhone to access its location.

It was revealed during the court hearing in the Swansea Crown Court, how and why Trotman of Gwynedd Avenue, Swansea had harassed the victim. The report mentioned that he broke up back with her in August 2020 after being in a relationship for over 10 years. After that, he bombarded the woman with unnecessary questions about her whereabouts and even offered her money to quit her job at a pub. Later, he used an Apple AirTag tracker to track her every move.

Later, in March 2022, the victim received a notification on her iPhone to connect to an Apple AirTag when she got in her car. However, she ignored it for the first time but later realized what it was about when she received an obnoxious text from Trotman. He revealed her exact location and she had no idea how he knew where she had been. She discovered the issue when her daughter also started getting notifications about the AirTag. Later, the victim found an AirTag glued in a cavity under the rear bumper of the car.

She contacted the Police and a search of Trotman’s Amazon account revealed that he had bought a number of Apple AirTags in the previous months. Shockingly, he was earlier interviewed and soon released on bail. But again arrested over allegations of witness intimidation and remanded into custody. Trotman received a jail sentence of nine weeks and a restraining order at Swansea Crown Court.


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