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Mission impossible? Forget it! When Apple Watches saved lives of owners in scary situations


Apple Watches have saved lives so many times that nothing seems to be “mission impossible” for them, much to owners’ delight. Know how it did.

Apple launched its first smartwatch edition in 2015 and since then it has cemented its position as one of the premium smartwatches with loads of useful features, even those that can actually save lives. From measuring simple health-related things like heart rate and sleep patterns to offering emergency SOS features, the watch comes with many features that have been proved life saviors during the most dangerous of situations. From detecting atrial fibrillation, heart condition to calling emergency service for help, read about the times when an Apple Watch has saved lives.

Apple Watch spots a UK man’s atrial fibrillation before doctors

Apple Watch once detected atrial fibrillation: a condition that can be fatal if not treated and monitored properly before a doctor. The watch owner Chris Mint was a healthy 30-year-old fitness enthusiast who has received notifications that he may potentially have A-Fib. However, a doctor told him that his Apple Watch was likely mistaken. But after doing a full check up it turned out he did have two leaking heart valves. Later, doctors told him that if the Apple Watch wouldn’t have alerted him, it’s possible that the undiagnosed condition could have caused a heart attack or stroke.

Apple Watch rescues kayaker swept out to sea

Apple’s wearable product has become the life savior for a kayaker who was swept out to sea by strong currents on the north coast of Sydney Australia. The kayaker used Watch’s emergency SOS feature to call emergency service and ask for help after he drifted almost 4 kilometers off the coast and was unable to paddle back to shore due to the strong currents of the sea.

Apple Watch helped him to send a signal for help by activating the emergency SOS function and the concerned authority rushed for his rescue.

Apple Watch Detects Heart tumor Missed by Hospital

Earlier Apple Watch detected non-cancerous heart tumors by alerting the user about an irregular heart rhythm that could be caused by atrial fibrillation. Kim Durkee, the watch owner shared that initially she thought it must have been a mistake, but the Apple Watch kept giving her warnings over the next couple of days. She then underwent diagnosis and found that she had a non-cancerous heart tumor for which she needed surgery.


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