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A Brief Review of Monoprice 110010

The Basics:

Here is a brief primer on the fundamentals for those new to the world of headphones. Headphones are small audio devices you place over or in your ears to listen to music, podcasts, etc. They are very similar to speakers, except they are designed to be used privately. They can be wired or wireless. When they are wired, they come with an audio cable that you plug into your device.

On the other hand, the wire is the connector that connects to your headphones and allows you to listen to your device. Most wireless headphones use a Bluetooth connection to play music from your device. It means that no physical audio cable connects your headphones to your device. 

It makes them more convenient than wired headphones because you don’t have to deal with the extra line. There are a few more phrases to be aware of when it comes to headphones. Noise-canceling headphones reduce unwanted background noise by creating a sound wave that cancels out the noises around you. Sturdy isolation headphones do the same thing but use a seal around your ear to make that sound wave and block out the noise.


The Monoprice 110010 Headphone Review has an effortless design that doesn’t look too flashy or stand out from the crowd. Their plan is not fancy, but they don’t look cheap, either. They are an inconspicuous pair of headphones that can be worn in almost any setting. The speakers are oval, with a slight grey accent surrounding each earpiece. They look almost like a pair of in-ear headphones but without earbuds. 

They are black with a red accent on top and have a small metal band that goes around the outside of each earpiece. There’s also a tiny red circle near the top of each earpiece. The headband is black, with a red piece of fabric running down the center. This red fabric adds a nice color to the otherwise very bland-looking headphones. Overall, this simple pair of headphones look clean and nothing too fancy. They are great for people who want something that doesn’t look like it costs very much.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality of the Monoprice 110010 gaming headset is best described as “fine.” They don’t sound terrible, but they also don’t say as they could. Like most budget-friendly headphones, you can expect a more pronounced bass than you would get with a pair of high-end headphones. It is normal since high-end headphones usually have a more balanced sound with less bass than their cheaper counterparts. The 110010 headphones are also relatively quiet, so you may want to turn up the sound on your device to get a decent volume.

Regarding the sound quality of the headphones, the most common complaints are related to the loudness and the bass. Some people find that the volume is too low and the bass doesn’t have enough oomph. Others see the book fine, but the headphones aren’t very loud and can’t easily be heard over background noise.


The comfortability of the Monoprice 110010 Headphone Review is a bit of a mixed bag. They have a friendly and soft headband, but the earpieces are stiff and don’t quite sit as comfortably as they could. The speakers are oval and have a bit of a large diameter. It isn’t necessarily bad since oval ear speakers tend to fit more people than round ear speakers, but they tend to be a bit stiff since they aren’t made of a soft material. Because of this, they may sit a bit awkwardly on some people’s ears.

On the other hand, the headband is made of a very soft and comfortable material reminiscent of the material used in yoga mats. This material is incredibly soft and easily stays relaxed and comfortable even on warmer days. The headband also has a bit of a stretch, allowing it to fit a wide range of head sizes. It is excellent for people with extra-small or extra-large heads that may not work in the “normal” size range.


The Monoprice 110010 Headphone Review has decent durability. They are made out of a combination of plastic and synthetic leather-like material. It makes them a bit more durable than headphones made out of all plastic but still not as durable as headphones made of genuine leather. The plastic is flimsier than the plastic used in some other headphones, and the synthetic leather-like material is not quite as tough as natural leather. It doesn’t mean that these headphones won’t last you a good chunk of time, but they may not stay for as long as some other headphones. The earpieces are oval instead of round, which is generally a good sign for their durability since oval ear speakers are usually made out of sturdier material than round ear speakers. The earpieces are also firm and don’t easily deform even after being squished in someone’s ears. They also sit very tightly in someone’s ears, so they aren’t likely to fall out while you’re running or exercising.

Final words:

The Monoprice 110010 Headphone Review is an excellent pair of headphones for people who are on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality. They come with all the essentials of a good pair of headphones, including a lovely soft headband, decent volume, and a comfortable fit. They may not be the best pair of headphones out there, but they are an excellent choice for people who want a quality pair of headphones at an affordable price.

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