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NASA: Airplane-sized asteroid heading towards Earth today; this 110-feet wide giant is speeding at 5.7kms


A giant asteroid is on the way to Earth today, NASA confirmed. Know what kind of terror it holds for Earth.

A day after a massive 390-feet asteroid named 2022 PX1 came very close to Earth, there is a new space rock on way posing a threat to our planet. NASA has warned that another giant 110-feet wide asteroid is ready to whiz past Earth today. This 2022 OT1 asteroid will make its closest approach to within 4.7 million kilometers of Earth. According to NASA, this airplane-sized asteroid, will be traveling at a speed of 5.7 kilometers per second at its closest approach to Earth.

These giant rocks in space, known as asteroids generally travel around the Sun, but can change their paths due to the gravitational force of planets and sometimes even collide with them! What will happen if the 2022 OT1 asteroid hits the Earth? NASA says that this giant rock can leave a Paris-sized crater in case it hits the Earth. Thankfully, there is no such indication to happen. as the asteroid will miss Earth! According to NASA, this asteroid will get as close to the Earth as about 4,760,000 km. For better understanding, know that the average distance between Earth and the moon is about 385,000 kilometers.

However, this is not the only asteroid that poses a risk to the Earth in the upcoming days. NASA’s Asteroid Watch dashboard tracks asteroids and comets that will make relatively close approaches to Earth on a daily basis. The Asteroid Watch Dashboard shows several important pieces of information such as the date of closest approach, approximate diameter of the asteroid, relative size and distance from Earth for each encounter with Earth. It displays the next asteroid approaching Earth within 4.6 million miles or 7.5 million kilometers.

According to NASA, besides the 2022 PX1 asteroid, there are four other space rocks which are ready to get extremely close to Earth. Here’s the list of four of them:

2022 OT1 on August 14

71-foot 2022 OA4 on August 14

110-feet-wide 2022 OT1 asteroid on August 14

93-foot 2022 PW on August 16


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