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NASA Artemis I Mission to carry toys, mannequin and Amazon Alexa to the Moon


NASA’s Artemis I rocket is said to carry several items to the Moon including toys, mannequins, and even Amazon Alexa. Check the list here.

NASA Artemis I Mission: NASA is all set to return to the Moon with its Artemis I rocket on August 29, 2022. As per the latest details, the rocket has been moved to the launch pad for final preparation. NASA informed about the same via a tweet, “Roll’em out! We’re moving our @NASAArtemis rocket to the launch pad for final prep before #Artemis I blasts off for the Moon, currently set for August 29. Tune in for live coverage from @NASAKennedy—rollout is scheduled to begin at 9pm ET (03:00 UTC): https://youtube.com/watch?v=DEPUvjlrOeQ.” But, do you know what Artemis I is going to carry to the Moon?

It has finally been revealed what NASA’s gigantic rocket will carry to the Moon. The spacecraft will be carrying some items like toys, mannequins, and even Amazon Alexa. According to a report by CNN, no human crew will travel aboard NASA’s Artemis I mission. Also, the Orion capsule will launch atop the SLS and orbit around the moon before returning to Earth for an ocean splashdown 42 days later. The Artemis I will carry 120 pounds of mementos and other items in its official flight kit. Check the items below:

1. Toys

The rocket will carry Snoopy dog, the beloved character created by Charles M Schulz to the Moon. It can be known that Snoopy has been associated with NASA’s missions since the Apollo programme when Schulz drew comic strips showing Snoopy on the moon. In the current mission, a Snoopy toy will fly as a zero gravity indicator in the capsule. Besides Snoopy, a mall Shaun the Sheep toy will also be an Artemis passenger. Four Lego mini figures will also ride in Orion.

2. Amazon Alexa

A new version of Alexa called Callisto created by Lockheed Martin, Amazon, and Cisco will also be part of this lunar journey. The main motive of Callisto is to demonstrate how astronauts and flight controllers can use technology to make their jobs safer and more efficient as humans explore deep space.

3. Mannequin: Commander Moonikin Campos

Commander Moonikin Campos is a suited mannequin and will collect data on what future human crews might experience on a lunar trip. The mannequin’s name is dedicated to Arturo Campos, a NASA electrical power subsystem manager who aided in Apollo 13’s safe return to Earth. Commander Moonikin Campos will also wear the new Orion Crew Survival System suit designed for astronauts to wear during launch and reentry. The other two mannequin-Halga and Zohar will also ride in Orion seats.

4. Trees and plants

A variety of trees and plant seeds will also be the part of an experiment to understand the effects of the space environment on seeds.

5. Other things to be carried to the Moon

Other things that will be flying to the moon in Orion are–A 3D-printed replica of the Greek goddess Artemis, Georges Méliès’ famed “A Trip to the Moon” artwork, digital entries from the Artemis Moon Pod essay contest, and space science badges from the Girl Scouts of America.


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