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Nasa’s James Webb Space Telescope shares a dying star’s final moments


A dying star’s final moments were captured by NASA James Webb Telescope. Share stunning moments.

NASA’s most powerful James Webb Telescope has yet again shared the breathtaking views from the universe leaving everyone stunned. The JWST has captured a foamy blue and orange view of a dying star’s final moments. The US space agency has shared the picture on instagram and wrote, “Ready for some more stunning first images from the James Webb Space Telescope? Swipe through to see views of the Southern Ring planetary nebula (aka NGC 3132) and its pair of stars, taken by two of Webb’s instruments: NIRCam [1] and MIRI [2].” Nasa said that both the stars were locked. The dimer star aka dying star was locked in orbit with the brighter star. It was expelling gas and dust that Webb captured through in unprecedented detail. Webb, infact, discovered an unknown mystery about how the dying star is actually cloaked in dust.

Nasa further explained that the planetary nebulae are balls of gas and dust emanating from dying stars. The Southern Ring Planetary Nebula, which is located somewhere around 2500 light years away from Earth, was hidden from astronomers until now, however, James Webb Telescope gave scientists a closer look at a dying star at the center of the ebula.

The space agency also mentioned that the Southern Ring nebula is called a planetary nebula. However, these are shells of dust and gas shed by dying Sun-like stars. It added, “The new details from Webb will transform our understanding of how stars evolve and influence their environments.”

Meanwhile, the JWST is also expected to study exoplanets and help researchers and scientists in finding the possibility of life beyond earth. A recent report shared by sciencealert.com says that the James Webb Telescope could hunt for aliens as well. Chris Impey and Daniel Apai who are studying exoplanets and astrobiology have shared that the James Webb Space Telescope could help researchers to measure the chemical composition of atmospheres of planets around other stars.


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