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Netflix subscription price set to be slashed soon


Netflix subscription will be more affordable after the streaming platform took a major decision. Know details.

Netflix will soon be available at cheaper rates for you- the latest update may drop by the end of this year. Netflix had already shared its intention to bring advertisements on the platform with everyone after its revenues suffered a big fall recently. Now, in what will come as a pleasant surprise for users, it seems that Netflix subscription price is set to be slashed, as promised. That means users can enjoy the exclusive content at a more affordable rate than before, although all the shows and movies will come with ads. The news comes directly from Microsoft as well as Netflix after both had announced a partnership.

Netflix officially revealed in a blogpost, “In April we announced that we will introduce a new lower priced ad-supported subscription plan for consumers, in addition to our existing ads-free basic, standard and premium plans. Today we are pleased to announce that we have selected Microsoft as our global advertising technology and sales partner.”

At the same time, Microsoft’s head Satya Nadella took to Twitter to confirm the partnership. His tweet reads, “We’re thrilled Netflix has selected Microsoft as its advertising technology and sales partner. We want publishers to have more long-term viable ad monetization platforms, so more people can access the content they love wherever they are.”

When will Netflix drop prices?

Unfortunately, there’s still no confirmation yet as to exactly when Netflix will launch the ad-based subscription plans and drop prices. Also, even though Microsoft has confirmed it will help Netflix cut the cost of the subscription, but no one knows how many ads will be served either.

Netflix is saying it is still early days and there is a lot of work that needs to be done before the start of this new consumer subscription plan. Netflix further said, “But our long-term goal is clear: More choice for consumers and a premium, better-than-linear TV brand experience for advertisers. We’re excited to work with Microsoft as we bring this new service to life. ”


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