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Ordering via Zomatao and Swiggy? Customer reveals how much extra you pay for food delivery


The convenience of getting your food delivered to your doorsteps comes with a whopping amount as LinkedIn user Vinayak Rajanahally shares two images of the same bill that the user has to pay if he gets it delivered by food delivery apps like Swiggy or Zomata and in the second case getting the food being picked up by himself from the restaurant. The offline bill was much cheaper according to Vinayak Rajanahally who stated that the difference between offline and online food ordering is68% higher on Swiggy and 60% higher on Zomato than (Walkin price + Delivery Charges) !!!.

According to the images posted by the LinkedIn user, the pricing of the food items if delivered online was being shown at 823 on Swiggy and 785 on Zomato but only 440 when the same was taken in offline mode.

Here is the full text shared by LinkedIn user Vinayak Rajanahally

Yesterday, I wanted to order breakfast from Dakshin Café, a restaurant near my house. Picked my mobile to order on either Swiggy or Zomato.

Checked total fares on both apps for my order. Swiggy showed Rs. 823. Zomato showed Rs. 785. I was about to order on Zomato thinking I will save Rs. 38.

Just then a thought came, why not visit and pick up from the restaurant which is nearby, as I was free too. I visited the restaurant and was shocked to find that the total bill for my order was just Rs. 440….!!!

I checked on Dunzo and the delivery courier charges was Rs. 50 from there to my house.

If I had ordered online, I would have paid 68% higher on Swiggy and 60% higher on Zomato than (Walkin price + Delivery Charges) !!!

Today, user behavior is such, we don’t think twice to order food online, assuming it would be just 10 to 20% higher than normal, which is OK to pay for convenience. Rarely we realize it is not !!!

I am sure even the restaurant owners don’t make such fat margins. I wonder why are these food apps incurring massive losses despite making such huge margins.

Please share your thoughts.



Meanwhile, Swiggy had earlier issued a clarification where in a reply to one of the Twitter user it said that ” we understand your concern, and would like to inform you that we’re trying to maintain transparency in our services & that extends to the pricing on the platform. However, the prices might be different online & offline as it is”

“We’re working hard to make your ordering experience as seamless as your dine-in experience. To that end, we’ve also looked at pricing, however, that remains to be the restaurant’s right & we do not intervene with the same,” the online food delivery app said in an another tweet.

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