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Pixwox: Best Alternatives & Complete Guide


You may create albums on Pixwox and share your pictures and movies online. Some of the popular and well-liked hashtags are girl, life, sports, happiness, beauty, love, fashion, art, cuisine, travel, and others that you can look up. It is an excellent tool that enables users to swiftly download the postings and read the most recent updates from other users.

Without logging in, you may easily view other users’ articles, posts, photographs, and other content on Pixwox, which is a fantastic tool. It can download numerous images or videos simultaneously and helps you avoid wasting valuable time waiting for them to download. In your Instagram story, you may, however, utilize the Pixwox app to repost your favorite images or videos along with your own customized hashtags and captions.

How can you use Pixwox?

1. Photos

You may manage your Instagram photographs in this section. Choose an image from the file manager, resize an image, and add a new image when managing photos. Your image can be resized in terms of scale, width, or height. If you are certain that your photo must be 500 pixels wide, you can provide that number in the “Width” field, for example. The height will be chosen automatically to avoid visual distortion.

2. Albums

You can make an album of your images in this section. Dragging photographs from the file manager and creating the desired structure will make it simple to complete.

3. Textures & Frames

You will alter the aesthetic portrayal of surface differences in color, shape, and depth in this part. Apply frames as desired as well.

4. Filters & Effects

In this part, you may alter the brightness and color saturation of the edited Instagram photos, add filters like blur or de-saturation, and save them as projects or profiles.

5. Sharing

You can provide another user access to the downloaded shops or articles in this area.

Pixwox is an excellent tool for exploring Instagram stories, looking through user updates, and rapidly downloading them.

Ever wanted to sneakily view someone else’s, Instagram Story? Undoubtedly, a lot of us wish to have covert access to someone’s Instagram profile. Whether it’s an enemy, an ex-boyfriend, or someone you have a serious infatuation with, everyone has thought about covertly monitoring someone at some point in their lives.

Unfortunately, Instagram records when you see someone else’s story from their profile. But, there is a way to gain access to it covertly by going to a website run by a different party. This post will cover every aspect of the Pixwox program. This app can be useful if you wish to explore and download someone’s Instagram stories privately.

Pixwox: what is it? 

You can expand and save a high-resolution version of a user’s Instagram profile photo with Pixwox for the Instagram app. Automatic Instagram pictures, videos, highlights, stories, and program downloads are made possible.

Without login into your Instagram account, you can use this app to save images and videos that you can later repost on your timeline or feed. Users can browse Instagram hashtags and account information by checking the profiles of their friends or favorite musicians.

With the help of the Pixwox program, you may repost your favorite videos or images together with original hashtags and captions on your Instagram story. The Pixwox for Instagram and Repost App has many great features, such as not requiring a login, allowing you to download videos and photos in their entirety, downloading stories quickly, supporting copy links, and preventing you from switching between applications with a sophisticated bubble service. Also, you can save time by downloading a lot of pictures and movies at once.

Advantages of Pixwox application

Using this Instagram story viewer software, anyone may create tales without revealing their identity or any other personally identifiable information. 

  • Without creating an account or registering for access, you can download restricted content off the internet.
  • You can also look at his usage history if you’re interested.
  • If it isn’t already on your smartphone, you can download the history using the steps outlined below.
  • Your Pixwox activity is private to all users.
  • Pixwox provides a secure area for viewing posts that can be downloaded.
  • It is safe to use this website in conjunction with the Instagram Charge Less app.

Disadvantages of the Pixwox application 

Using Pixwox offers numerous advantages, as you can see above, but everything has advantages and disadvantages. The following list of drawbacks of this software that we found:

  • The website has received a lot of unfavorable reviews.
  • A lot of the time, it cannot locate the specified account.
  • Pixwox is not widely known on social media.
  • It is brand-new to the industry and has received little attention.

This website has a rating ranging from very low to extremely low. It’s possible that this is really a coincidence, but it’s also plausible that lax “Know your customer” policies at the domain registration company are to blame. The trust score for the website has dropped.

Steps to view and download Instagram stories with the help of Pixwox

You may learn how to see and download someone’s Instagram video or story by following the steps provided below.

Step 1: You should copy the username of the Instagram account whose story or video you want to watch.

Step 2: Use any web browser of your choosing to access the Pixwox website. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge are all great browsers. To use it, JavaScript must be enabled.

Step 3: Click the search button after entering the username of the individual whose essay or video you want to view or download.

Step 4: The Pixwox app will gather and process each story before presenting it to you. If you only want to read and download the entries, go to the posts page.

Step 5: Each story will be gathered and processed by the Pixwox app before being shown to you. Visit the posts page if all you want to do is read and download the entries.

How to download Instagram photos?

To download photographs from Instagram, enter the profile and type the appropriate username of the account into the search bar. You can now download your profile picture and add photos. To do this, click the image in question to bring it up, then use your right mouse button to download it. The Pixwox app’s download button serves as its functional element.

What sites are like Pixwox?

  • celebmafia.com
  • wikifamouspeople.com
  • aomnl.com
  • modelsociety.com
  • acidcow.com
  • zvezda.today

How do you save other people’s Instagram stories?

Go to the profile of the user whose Instagram story you wish to save, tap on their profile image to watch it, and then save their story. Tap the three dots in the bottom right corner of the tale once you’ve started reading it and choose “Save” or “Save Story.” You have the option of saving the story either to the Instagram app’s archive or the photo library on your phone.


The Pixwox app is great for altering pictures and videos and for viewing other people’s Instagram stories, posts, etc. We really hope that the information is useful to you. Please leave any questions in the comment section. Please let us know what you think; we value your opinion much.


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