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Quordle 175 answer for July 18, 2022: Banish the Monday blues! Just check Quordle hints, clues, solutions


Quordle 175 answer for July 18, 2022: It can be easy breezy for you today! Just check the Quordle hints and clues provided here to get to the answers.

Quordle 175 answer for July 18, 2022: The working week is starting and most people would be feeling the Monday blues. Well, you can banish them with the Quordle puzzle. However, no matter how easy the words are to guess, having no clue or hint for the same makes it tricky to find the solution. Yes, you guessed it right! All the four Quordle words you are required to find today are easy ones. But, you are advised to not get overconfident and waste your efforts and attempts. It can be known that you only have 9 attempts to crack 4 words in order to maintain your winning streak. To give a direction to your thoughts, or to ease your burden, we are here with some of the best hints and clues for Quordle 175 challenge. Check them out below.

Quordle 175 hints for July 18

As already stated all the four words are an easy guess and are also commonly used in our daily life. Even the letters are the ones that are frequently used in most of the words. Hence all you need to do is make wise guesses and think of words with common letters like T, E, S, among others. However, if anytime you feel that the game is getting difficult for you to win, check the Quordle 175 hints and clues provided below.

Quordle 175 clues for July 18

1. Today’s Quordle words begin with T, H, S and V.

2. The words end with H, L, A and O.

3. Word 1 clue — It is something you use for chewing your food.

4. Word 2 clue — It is where you stay if you travel.

5. Word 3 clue — It is a symbol for mathematical sum and is also the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet transliterated as S.

6. Word 4 clue — Moving pictures are called?

Now that’s easy! I hope you get the answers with the above mentioned hints and clues. If confused, you can check the Quordle hints and clues again, to get a clear picture. If not, you can also read below to see the answers for today’s Quordle 175 challenge.

Quordle 175 answers for July 18

If you are sure that you want to know the answer then you can check it below. However, if you want to solve the Quordle challenge yourself then you are advised to stop reading here.

The four words that will make you win today’s Quordle 175 challenge are:





Well, today’s Quordle challenge has now been solved! Hope you were able to guess the answers. All the best for the next Quordle challenge and so come back to us for the hints and clues.


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