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Quordle 182 answer for July 25, 2022: Check Quordle hints, clues to crack the answers


Quordle 182 answer for July 25, 2022: Here we bring some of the hints and clues for today’s Quordle that can lead you to the answers.

Quordle 182 answer for July 25, 2022: Today’s Quordle is a moderate one! Not that difficult but not that easy too! It can be noted that you need to find 4 answers in only 9 attempts. Therefore, you need to ensure that every attempt gives you an idea regarding the answers. However, guessing answers without having any clue or hint is a tricky task. But, don’t worry or stress yourself out as we are here to help you out with some of the best Quordle 182 hints and clues to let you maintain your winning streak. Check them out below.

Quordle 182 hints for July 25

As already stated today’s Quordle challenge is a moderate one, that is you have both the easy and difficult words to guess. Also, except for one word, the other three are commonly used words in our daily life. Even the letters are the ones that are frequently used in most of the words. Hence all you need to do is have patience, think and make wise guesses. However, if anytime you feel that you are getting out of attempts and the game is getting difficult for you to win, you can check the Quordle 181 hints and clues provided below.

Quordle 182 clues for July 25

1. Today’s Quordle words begin with V, D, L and G.

2. The words end with E, T, Y and E.

3. Word 1 clue — It tells about the worth of something.

4. Word 2 clue — It refers to an amount of money that is paid out of a bank account.

5. Word 3 clue — It is something that refers to very bad.

6. Word 4 clue — This is what you do to turn food into extremely small pieces.

Here are some of the best hints and clues we can provide to let you win today’s Quordle challenge. However, if these are not sufficient and you are unable to crack the answers, then you can also read below to see the answers for today’s Quordle 182 challenge.

Quordle 182 answers for July 25

Are you sure you want to know the answers? If yes, you can check them below. However, if you want to solve the Quordle challenge yourself then you are advised to stop reading here.

The four words that will make you win today’s Quordle 182 challenge are:





Here you go! Now you have the answers and today’s Quordle challenge has been solved!


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