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Reorder Instagram photo feed now! Update out; did you get it?


One of the new Instagram Feed options will put things in Chronological order. Yes, you can reorder Instagram photo feed. 

Instagram feeds are addictive! They are made more so as Instagram ranks the content based on your interests, most frequently viewed photos, videos and of course, whom you follow the most. The end result is that you end up getting the content that makes it quite addictive. Well, get ready for some more good news that will make Instagram even more additive. A recent Twitter post by Instagram chief Adam Mosseri revealed that the app will be going to change how your feeds look like. You will be able to reorder Instagram photo feed now.

This Instagram feature has been under development for months now, and it is expected to launch in early 2022. Though, Mosseri has teased the expected makeover of the Instagram feeds last month. It’s actually will be going to be like the ‘Back to Basics’ as when Instagram initially launched back in 2010, it used to show photos and videos in a feed in chronological order. However, later it was decided to use the algorithm-based content dissemination on users’ Instagram feeds. Based on how you interact with other content in the app, the algorithms figure out what you’ll like best and place it at the top of your feed.

How new Instagram feeds will look like?

Instagram will provide three new options to choose from, Mosseri confirmed. One of them, based on the chronological order will be a great comeback from the initial style of Instagram’s feed. People have been requested Instagram for long for the same system to bring it back on the platform.

The three Feed View options will be – Home, Favourites, and Following.

Home Feed is the same experience that you have now on feeds, with content ranked according to your preferences and most views. Whereas, Favourite Feed mode will take information from your most popular accounts, such as your closest friends, family, and other profiles you like to deliver the content related to these. And the Following Feed view will be the full-fledged Instagram experience, where content will be presented in chronological order.

When Instagram users will get the updated News Feed option?

Although Mosseri claimed these options will be available “soon,” but no specific timeline for a full roll-out has been revealed yet. Although, he mentioned that these new feed options are available right now for a few users and if your Instagram doesn’t show the new feed view option even after the update, is probably because Instagram is testing the feature on a particular range of devices, which will be rolled out to all Instagram users.


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