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Scary! Huge Asteroid 2022 QV and 2020 QW3 heading for Earth today; 3 more on their way


Asteroid 2022 QV and 2020 QW3 will approach Earth today, August 22, 2022.

Asteroids coming close to Earth have been making the headlines recently. And according to the latest report, five asteroids will approach Earth soon and the asteroid that will make a close path is asteroid 2022 QV to within 8.4 million kilometres on August 22. More are expected on August 23. Dubbed as Asteroid 2022 QV, it will reportedly fly past Earth at 22:01 at a distance of 8.44 million kilometres. Not just this asteroid, there are 4 more space rocks hurtling towards earth that will fly by on August 22 and 23. Check out these asteroids that will be approaching Earth in the next two days.

Asteroid 2022 QW3

On August 22, the asteroid 2022 QW3 as big as an aeroplane will reportedly fly by the Earth at a speed of 18 km/s at a distance of 5.39 million kilometres. It will make its closest approach to Earth on August 23, 2024 at a distance of 10.71 million kilometres.

Asteroid 2022 QM

Another space rock that will make a close pass to earth today is house-sized Asteroid 2022 QM. It will make its closest approach to earth at 11:24 at a distance of 7.19 million kilometres at a speed of 5 kilometres per second. The asteroid 2022 QM was found on August 18, 2022, 2022 and it will make its next close approach on August 26, 2076 from a distance of 10.87 million kilometres.

That’s not all, there are two more space rocks named Asteroid 2015 QH3 and QX that will fly by our planet on August 22 and 23 respectively. While Asteroid 2015 QH3 will travel from a distance of 2,150,000, QX will fly by some 2,810,000 km away from Earth.


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