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Technology Live Blog, August 24, 2022


LIVE Updates Today, August 24, 2022: Keep up with all the latest news and events in tech and space, from solar storms to giant asteroid approaches, iPhone 14 leaks to NASA explorations and much more.

LIVE Updates today- August 24, 2022: New updates from the iPhone 14 and Apple ecosystem keep appearing as the September event draws closer. A concerning sunspot on the Earth-facing side of the Sun has posed a threat of solar storms for the planet. A large 100-foot wide asteroid will be coming close to the Earth on August 28. This and

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Mars Rover to look into the Enchanted Lake

The NASA Perseverance Mars Rover will be visiting a site with sedimentary rocks called Enchanted Lake. Scientists believe that the site may show signs of ancient life on the red planet. Report: NASA Perseverance Mars Rover to dig deep into the Enchanted Lake in search for signs of Life

iPhone 14 will be manufactured in India

Apple has announced that the iPhone 14 will be manufactured in India. This is a bold step as only older models have been manufactured here so far- iPhone 13 manufacturing in India started 6 months after launch. This move could be a huge boost for the Make in India initiative. Details here: iPhone 14 to be manufactured in India after launch! Boost for Make in India initiative

Facebook glitch frustrates users 

Facebook has reportedly gone down for thousands of users across the world with a weird bug – it is showing random spam posts from celebrities. Check: Facebook breaks DOWN, shows random spam posts from celebrities

New sunspot creates solar storm scare 

A new sunspot, AR3085, has been spotted by scientists. Worryingly, this sunspot has grown ten times its size in just two days. Will this spell a disaster for Earth with a G5 class solar storm? Find out: Shocking! Sunspot grows 10 times its size! Giant G5 class solar storm coming for Earth?

Twitter Former Security Chief says that the company hired an Indian government agent 

Former Twitter security chief Peiter Mudge Zatko alleges that the company had hired an Indian government agent and given him unfiltered access to data. Details: Twitter hired an Indian Govt agent who had access to all user data, says former security chief


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