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The Next Generation Wearable: Your Ultimate Guide to Series 9 New Apple Watch 2023

The Apple Watch has been an undeniable success for the company, effectively ruling the wearables sector from the start. Eight years after the first Apple Watch launched, we now have the New Apple Watch 2023 and an updated model of the Apple Watch Ultra, which was released last year.

Apple revealed on September 12 that the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 will include:

  • The new S9 SiP and a 4-core Neural Engine.
  • Enabling new functions such as on-device Siri.
  • Eliminating the need for Siri to connect to the internet to make inquiries.
  • Both new Watches include brighter screens, improved Ultra Wideband, and more storage than previous models.

Apple Watch 9 release date: 

Apple made the Apple Watch Series 9 available for pre-order on September 12, and it went on sale on Friday, September 22.

New Apple Watch 2023: Series 9 and Ultra 2 Specs:

S9 SiP

The Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 have the S9 SiP, the most significant chip advancement in years. The S8 chip was used in the Series 8 Apple Watch in 2022.

However, it did not provide a considerable boost in power over the S7. While the S6 provided only a 20% performance benefit over the Series 5, which was released in 2019.

Apple claims the S9 has 60% more transistors (5.6 billion) than the S8. Moreover, it says that the GPU is 30% faster than before.

The Neural Engine

There is a new 4-core Neural Engine, which Apple claims can handle machine learning tasks twice as fast as the Apple Watch Series 8. This Neural Engine and a machine learning algorithm combine with the Watch’s gyroscope, accelerometer, and optical heart sensor to provide features such as the Double Tap gesture and on-device Siri.

Battery Life

There were rumors that the S9 would use a new A15 design, which could result in increased performance and battery life. Surprisingly, even with increased power and a brighter display, the S9 manages to remain highly power-efficient. As a result, the Apple Watch Series 9 keeps the same 18-hour battery life as its previous version.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 has the same 36-hour battery life as its predecessor (and 72 hours in Low Power Mode).

Enhanced Screen Brightness

Both of the 2023 Apple Watches offer brighter screens than previous models.

The Apple Watch Series 9 increases the brightness from 1,000 to 2,000 nits.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 took it a step further by increasing the brightness of the previous model’s screen from 2,000 to 3,000 nits. Apple states this is 50% brighter than the initial Apple Watch Ultra.

Furthermore, users can reduce the screen brightness to as low as 1 nit to avoid disturbing others. In low-light settings, the Night mode will now activate automatically.

The new Apple Watch Ultra introduces the Modular Ultra watch face, which maximizes the expansive display, enabling users to add more complications (such as seconds, altitude, depth, and more).

Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 Features

Double Tap

Apple has included a Double Tap feature for times you can’t use your hand to touch the watch screen. Apple Watch users can activate this by tapping their thumb and finger together twice. The Apple Watch will respond as if the user had pressed the app’s primary button due to the sensors inside and the power of the Neural Engine.

For example, a user can use Double Tap to snooze an alarm, stop a timer, or answer a phone call. Double tapping on the Apple Watch face will also launch a Smart Stack, allowing users to scroll among widgets in a stack without physically touching the screen.

Double Tap will be released as a software upgrade in October 2023.

On-Device Siri and Health Queries

Siri will no longer rely on sending queries over the internet, eliminating the need for a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. This would speed up the process and allow consumers to use Siri to provide and submit information that would otherwise be impossible. Users can use their voice to execute things such as asking Siri to start a new workout or for information about the wearer’s heart rate.

Since Siri is now ‘on-device,’ Apple Watch users can also ask health-related questions, such as inquiring about their average walking heart rate. Additionally, they can use their voice to log data, such as recording when they’ve taken medication.

Apple has announced that Siri Health Queries will be introduced later this year.

Software for Apple Watch in 2023: watchOS 10

Apple Watch Series 9 will come pre-installed with watchOS 10.

Following WWDC on June 5, we received a preview of many of the upcoming new features and apps for the Apple Watch software, including an updated user interface and watchOS 10 app redesigns. There will be new clocks to pick from, new watch faces, new apps, upgrades to existing apps, new health features, and new clocks and apps.

Wrapping up 

The Apple Watch Series 9 and an updated Apple Watch Ultra are a step forward in wearable technology. They have many upgraded features, including faster chips, brighter screens,  Double Tap, and on-device Siri. Their focus on user convenience and health tracking confirms Apple’s leadership in the smartwatch industry.


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