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The Sky is Pink but why? Is that an Alien or something more dangerous? Mystery Revealed


An Australian town witnessed a creepy pink glow in the sky on Wednesday. While the initial assumption was interdimensional aliens or a solar storm, the truth was stranger than fiction. Check the details.

On Wednesday, July 20, the sky above the town of Mildura in Victoria, Australia began glowing in an eerie pink glow that startled many locals. Soon after, pictures of the night sky began being posted online with netizens coming up with reasons for this weird glow. While some decided to stick with science and thought it was some strange aurora display as a result of a solar storm, others thought it was the sign of the arrival of alien life on Earth. The event went on for a couple of hours, puzzling everyone. It was not till the next day when the reality finally surfaced and sadly, it was not as cool as interdimensional aliens. Read on to find out what caused this pink lighting in the sky.

Reportedly, the locals grew concerned about the event, not being able to find any rationale behind this strange phenomenon. Tammy Szumowski, a resident, spoke with The Guardian. He said, “It was very bizarre. I was on the phone to my mum, and my dad was saying the world was ending”.

Sarah Tomlinson, the chief of staff at local radio station ABC Mildura-Swan Hill finally posted on Twitter revealing the truth behind the mysterious event. She said, “#Mildura and surrounds were treated to a spectacular sight tonight when a red light appeared in the sky. Was it aliens? An aurora? No, it appears to have been the hydroponic lights from a medicinal cannabis farm reflecting off clouds which is somehow the most Mildura answer ever”. Check the tweet and the image of the sky below.

The mystery over the pink sky of Mildura is revealed

A pharmaceutical company called Cann Group later confirmed that it was indeed their facility where the lights were coming from. Explaining the reason behind the pink lights, senior communications manager at Cann Group Ltd, Rhys Coen said that it was for their Cannabis farms to help the plants grow better.

“Cannabis plants require different spectrums of light in order to encourage their growth. A red spectrum light is often used. Normally the facility would have blackout blinds that come down at night, and will in the future block that glow,” Coen said.


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