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Top 10 April Fools Pranks

People all across the world celebrate April Fool’s Day by laughing and playing practical jokes. You’re in luck if you’re seeking ideas for your own April Fool’s Day prank this year! In this post, we’ll share the top 10 April Fool’s Day pranks that are sure to make you laugh.

Fake Parking Tickets

Make a bogus parking ticket and stick it to a friend’s or family member’s car. Watch as they panic and frantically hunt for their money, only to find it’s all a harmless prank.

Fake Ice Cream

Make an ice cream cone out of mashed potatoes or whipped cream. Have a look as someone takes a huge chunk only to discover it’s not real ice cream.

Fake Phone Call

Pretend to be a telemarketer or a long-lost friend when calling a friend or family member. Enjoy yourself and see how long you can keep the conversation going.

Fake Snake In A Can

Place a fake snake in a can and wait for someone to open it. The snake will emerge, frightening everyone.

Fake Mustache

Make a fake mustache out of black felt or construction paper and glue it to a photo of a family member or friend. Keep an eye on them as they try to find out when they got a mustache.

Fake Spider In A Lampshade

A realistic-looking spider is placed inside a lampshade for this prank. When someone turns on the light, the spider will be illuminated, causing a moment of fright.

Fake Spilled Drink

Pour some white glue onto a piece of wax paper to make a false spill. When it has dried completely, carefully take it off and lay it on a table or countertop. Watch as individuals attempt to clean up the mess only to discover it was all a prank.

Fake Dog Poop

This is a straightforward but successful trick. Put some phony dog excrement in a high-traffic area and observe how people try to avoid stepping in it.

Fake Lottery Ticket

Make a bogus lottery ticket with your friend’s or family member’s lucky numbers and give it to them as a present. Watch as they become ecstatic about their riches, only to find it was all a prank.

Fake Spider

This classic prank includes hiding a fake spider somewhere where an unsuspecting victim may find it. You can buy realistic-looking spiders online or construct your own out of pipe cleaners and other household items.


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