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Wordle 388 answer for July 12: Check Wordle hints and clues here


Wordle 388 answer for July 12: Check out these Wordle hints and clues to crack the puzzle with ease.

Wordle 388 answer for July 11: Struggling with today’s Wordle? Though it’s not the toughest Wordle of this month, some of you might still face problems. If you too find it difficult, don’t worry, we are here to make it a bit easier for you. Do note that there are only six attempts to solve a 5-letter word. And if you miss out on attempts, you’ll end up losing and you’ll have to wait till the next day to take up the cudgels again. So we would suggest taking help from our Wordle hints and clues and then use your chances wisely so that you get the Wordle 388 sorted. Here are the 5 best Wordle 388 hints and clues that will surely ease your way in the game.

Wordle 388 hints for July 12

Today’s 5-letter Wordle answer is a very familiar word that we often get to hear. It seems like after days of throwing tough puzzles, the game has ease today’s Wordle to keep the players motivated. Check out the Wordle 388 hints and clues.

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Wordle 388 clues for July 12

1. The 5 letter Wordle word starts with N and ends with the letter T.

2. There is one vowel in today’s word.

3. Today’s Wordle is a noun.

4. The vowel is placed at the second position.

5. Biggest hint — It is used to refer to a specific period.

We almost revealed the answer, didn’t we! We have given you the enough of Wordle 388 hints and clues to get all the 5 letter boxes turned green. However, if you still couldn’t figure it out then you can head below to check the solution for today’s Wordle.

Wordle 388 answer for July 12

SPOILER alert! If you haven’t tried today’s Wordle, don’t read further as it will spoil your game. We would advise you to first try it yourself with the help of our hints and clues. However, if you have already given up and don’t want to try then read below.

The Wordle 388 answer is NIGHT. It is a noun which is usually used to address the period from sunset to sunrise and is also opposite to Day.


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