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Your iPhone, iPad, Mac could be in BIG trouble! Apple urges to download the fix NOW


iPhone, iPad and Mac models have been found to suffer from dangerous vulnerabilities. Here is what Apple urges.

Your iPhone, iPad and Mac could be in serious trouble! Even though Apple products are deemed safer than similar products from rivals, there are software vulnerabilities that are discovered by hackers and developers. Apple has now disclosed a couple of security vulnerabilities for certain iPhone, iPad and Mac models that could allow hackers to take complete control of the device remotely. Apple released two security reports that describe the vulnerability allowing someone to get full access to the devices.

The vulnerability allows the hackers to impersonate the device’s owner and gain full admin access. This means they can run any software or app on the device by their name. The vulnerability affects all iPhone 6S models and newer. Additionally, it also affects several models of the iPad, which include the iPad 5th Gen and newer models, all iPad Pro models, and the iPad Air 2. Mac devices are also affected by the vulnerability, especially the ones that run macOS Monterey. Some iPod models are also affected by the vulnerability.

iPhone, iPad, Mac models are in danger

The security reports have not mentioned any attack or utilization of the vulnerability. However, it is always wise to download the latest security patch and secure your data on the device. All users of iPhone, iPad, and Mac need to look out for a software patch as part of an OTA download. This patch will fix the issue immediately.

In related Apple news, it is now rumoured that Apple could choose September 7 to unveil the next generation of iPhone 14 series devices. The iPhone 14 could also be accompanied by the new Apple Watch Series 8 models as well as an updated Apple Watch SE. The new entry-level iPad with the rumoured USB-C port and the new design could be unveiled later in the year.

The iPhone 14 series is expected to feature four models this year, the newest one being the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max. This will essentially be a bigger version of the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 and offer a bigger capacity battery as one of the new perks. The substantial upgrades will come to the iPhone 14 Pro series, which will ditch the iconic notch for the first time.


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