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Your Netflix account is HACKED? Watch out for these signs


Watch out for these signs on your Netflix account.

Netflix is one of the world’s largest streaming services used by millions of people. Though having such a huge user-base makes it more susceptible to attacks by hackers. Freeloaders can hack into your Netflix account and take advantage of all the services that you pay for.

It might’ve also been that you lent your Netflix account details to someone and then you had a falling out. They might still have your login credentials and could be watching for free! So, to be aware of such cases, watch out for these signs.

Profile Changes

Netflix allows you to create up to 5 profiles on your account. You might have a profile of your own, one for your family or your kids. You might even have one for your friend. So, be on the lookout for any profile changes which you did not make such as picture change, profile name change, or even a new profile that is created.

If you find such activity on your Netflix account, then immediately delete that profile from your account. To do so, open Netflix and tap on Manage Profiles. Select the profile and hit Delete. It is also advised to change your login credentials immediately to prevent any further unwanted changes.

Unusual Watch History

Netflix has a category which shows your history and the shows you are currently watching. Look out for any show or movie that you did not watch but is still appearing on that list. If that is the case, immediately change your Netflix login credentials.

Unusual Viewing History

Viewing History is the best means to check whether someone else is using your account or not. It shows the date and time and even the device where the content was watched. So, if such a device is listed which you do not own, immediately change your login credentials.

Best way to get rid of unwanted people accessing your Netflix account is to completely log everyone out of the app. To do so, login on Netflix through a browser and go to Settings. Tap on Sign out of all devices. this will sign you out on every device you have. So, the next time you open the app, you’ll have to login again.


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