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Airtel Night Plan 2023

In this article, we examine the Airtel night plan, its advantages, and how to sign up. Data incentives of 500MB for N25 and 1.5GB for N50 are included in these plans, along with reduced call rates throughout the validity periods. Get the most affordable midnight browsing plan you can imagine. You can browse using an Airtel night plan from the wee hours of the morning until daylight. View the hidden codes to subscribe right away.

The fact that you will receive more data at a lower cost is the main advantage of the Airtel Night data package. This information is worthwhile pursuing if you can remain awake until it’s time to go to bed. Another advantage is that, unlike the MTN night plan, which only permits one subscription per night, you may subscribe as many times as you like in a single night.

When Airtel became aware of the abrupt change in data, they launched a new data bundle in its stead. Following in the footsteps of MTN’s night package offerings, Airtel recently unveiled a new night plan that gives subscribers 500MB for N25 and 1.5GB for N50. Nighttime Airtel Plan

This time, among other great options that we’ll discuss in this post, you can receive up to 500MB for just N25 and up to 1.5GB for just N50. I’ll also demonstrate how to use them successfully and show you the subscription codes and data validity.

What is Airtel Night Plan? 

If you didn’t know, subscribers to the Smart Trybe tariff plan can browse at night for a very reasonable cost. It is merely one of the many cool characteristics of this tariff, by the way. You can get 500 MB for just $25 to use for one night from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m., or you can purchase 1.5 GB for the same time period for $200.

The code for the Airtel night plan is *312#. By dialing this combination, you can sign up for Smart Trybe or, if you’re already a subscriber, you can get to the menu where you can pick from a variety of its features.

To receive those megabytes for late-night web browsing, choose option number 3 (Airtel Night Plans) from the menu, then either 1 (for 500 MB) or 2 (for 1.5 GB).

Airtel now offers a 1GB data plan for N300 with a one-day validity period as part of its new night data package. You must first sign up for SmartTRYBE by phoning this USSD code *312# and responding with 1, before you can utilize any of the aforementioned Airtel data plans.

Airtel Night YouTube Streaming 750MB + 1GB for N500

Consider signing up for 14 days of Airtel’s 750MB + FREE 1GB YouTube Night Streaming with a N500 recharge.

To sign up, load N500 onto your phone’s recharge card and dial *141*500# for Airtel night browsing.

Airtel 1GB + 1GB Night Streaming on YouTube
Additionally, Airtel offers N500 for 7 days of 1GB + FREE 1GB YouTube Night Streaming. Whichever option you choose, you get an airtel night plan at a lower price.

To sign up, load N500 onto your phone’s recharge card and dial *141*502#.

How to Subscribe to Airtel night plan 500MB for N25, 1.5GB for N50, and 1GB for N500

Like I said earlier, you need to migrate to Airtel SmartTRYBE.

  • simply dial *312# and reply with 1 to migrate to Airtel SmartTRYBE;
  • After the migration, dial *312#
  • Reply 1 for 250MB for N25
  • Reply 2 for 1GB for N500 (Night Plan 12 am – 5 am)

Respond with 3 for the 500MB Airtel night plan, which costs N25, and the 1.5GB Airtel night browsing plan, which costs N50. The Night Plan is available from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m.

Airtel now offers 1.5GB of data for N200 as part of its night package, while 200MB of data costs N200 plus a 30-minute call. It is a Saturday through Sunday weekend plan.

In contrast to MTN, which only allows one subscription per night, Airtel’s Night data plan allows you to subscribe as many times as you desire during a single night.

The MTN Night Plan, which offers 500MB for just N25, is inferior to the Airtel Night Plan because each SIM card is only eligible for a single activation every night.

However, the Airtel night bundle plan allows for renewal if used up, so you can resubscribe after using up the first 1.5GB. Additionally, you can use 3GB for N100 in a single night.

Airtel unlimited night plan 2023

With this coupon, you can purchase an unlimited Airtel Night package. This is due to the fact that the current Airtel Night Plan allows for numerous renewals in a single night.

For instance, you can resubscribe to obtain another 1.5GB as many times as you like after using up your 1.5GB for N50 Airtel night subscription plan. In only one night, that equates to 3GB for N100, 6GB for N200, and so on. Therefore, we can easily refer to this as the Airtel unlimited night plan.

The bad news is that it has been replaced by another night data plan, which is still very affordable and cool compared to the night plans from other networks, like that of 500Mb for 25 naira from MTN, which was one of the best things we have enjoyed from Airtel Nigeria over the years.

The former Airtel Night plan, which was based on an hourly rate, was one of the greatest data packages, especially for limitless downloads.

Since MTN announced the night plan of 500MB for just N25, many customers have opted out of Airtel’s expensive night data bundle and shifted to its affordable Night package.

Night Plan Validity Period

  • You can only use the data bundle from 12am to 5am. So you have to burn the night to browse with it.
  • You can re-subscribe many time in the same night if you exhaust your data bundle
  • The data plan will expire after one day.

Since you may resubscribe when it expires, I believe that Airtel 1.5GB for N50 is superior to MTN 500MB for N25. Because of this, if you subscribe twice, you can utilize up to 3GB of data for N100. Some may draw comparisons between this and the earlier Airtel Night Unlimited surfing.

You can only use the Airtel Night Plan at night; it is not functional during the day. Even yet, the midnight plan operates from midnight (12 a.m.) to five in the morning (5:00 a.m.), or around five hours.

Please take note that unlike other regular Airtel data plans, the night data plan from Airtel cannot be rolled over if the data bundle is not used up by 5:00 AM.

How to Check Airtel Data Balance on Android

We’d like to talk about how to check the remaining data on all Airtel Data Plans. With a large user base and extensive network connection, Airtel Nigeria is among the leading telecommunications providers in Nigeria.

According to the NCC’s earlier data, Airtel presently holds the third-largest share of Nigeria’s mobile internet subscribers, after Glo and MTN.

The number of internet subscribers Airtel Nigeria has been steadily growing each month, and this can be greatly attributed to their cheap 2G Data subscriptions at moderate pricing, which are accessible for a variety of devices.

You need to know how to check your data balance if you’re thinking about getting a new Airtel SIM or moving to Airtel because of the 2G bundle or any other typical data packages offered by Airtel.

Checking Your Airtel Data Balance

There are many ways you can check your Airtel data balance which we will be listing in this article. You can choose the most suitable and easy one that you can memorize within a short time.

Direct USSD Code for All Airtel Data Plans

This USSD Code functions on all Airtel data plan packages including on Android except BlackBerry subscription plans.

What you need to do is to basically dial:*141*11*0#, *123*10# or *141*712*0# and you will see your data balance displayed at once.

Direct SMS Code for All Airtel Data Plans

This SMS Code functions on all Airtel data plan packages except BlackBerry subscriptions. It works even on Android.

To see your data balance, just send: “Status” to 141. Please make sure you remove the quotes when sending.

Direct USSD Code for BlackBerry Plans

You cannot check your data balance using any of the aforementioned methods if you use a BlackBerry phone or one of Airtel’s BlackBerry packages that work on all devices. BlackBerry users can utilize a unique USSD Code.

Your BlackBerry data balance will be shown right in front of you by just dialing *123*9#.

Direct SMS Code for BlackBerry Plans

To access your data balance through SMS while using a BlackBerry phone or any of Airtel’s BlackBerry packages that work on all devices, you must enter a specific SMS data balance code that was created specifically for BlackBerry plans.

Simply text “Status” to 440 (removing the quotes before sending) to receive an immediate SMS with your BlackBerry data balance.

Airtel’s SmartSpeedo USSD Code

Although rather complicated, this procedure is easy to remember and follow. To access the SmartSpeedo USSD menu, dial *141#. The “check data balance” option can be accessed by pressing * followed by SEND.

Press 7 and SEND to pick “Check data balance” after “Check data balance” appears on the new page.

Your screen will display a message informing you that your data balance will be provided to you through SMS, and you’ll get it shortly after that.

This approach is designed to work with all data balances, including regular, BlackBerry, and bonus.

Airtel’s SelfCare USSD Code

Customers may verify their number, current tariff plan, migrate to other plans, check their data balance, and more using the Airtel SelfCare USSD Menu interface, which is complicated but simple to grasp.

Simply dial *121# to access Airtel’s SelfCare USSD menu. Once there, select “My profile” by pressing 1 on the USSD menu page, and then select “Send” to send the message.

Press 6 and submit to choose “My Data Balance” from the list of alternatives that appears on the following page. Upon completion, a notification stating that you will receive an SMS with your data balance will appear on your device. Your data balance will be displayed in front of you in just a few short seconds.


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