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Printout delivery to your home! Zomato-owned BlinkIt announces weird new service


Printout delivery service started by the Zomato-owned BlinkIt app. You will be able to get printouts anywhere, here is how it works.

Printout delivery service is here! So far, the smartphone has made it possible to order and get food, grocery, courier, and other stuff online. BlinkIt has now started a service that delivers printouts to you from anywhere. The platform, which is owned by Zomato, will be delivering printouts of documents to your doorstep, or specified address. The service will be beneficial to those who suddenly need a hard copy of their document and don’t have access to a printer or a stationary store.

“We at Blinkit are giving printouts in minutes in a few areas now. Have never had a printer at home and getting it from a cyber cafe or library or neighbours or offices has always been cumbersome specially when it’s needed at the point of approaching deadlines” said Jitesh Goel, product manager at Blinkit. There is no minimum order applicable here – you can even order a single sheet printout and BlinkIt will deliver the same.

BlinkIt to deliver printouts to your doorstep

For this service, Blinkit is said to be charging Rs. 9 per page for black and white documents. For coloured printouts, you will need to pay Rs. 19 per print. On top of that, BlinkIt will levy a delivery charge of Rs. 25. That is not affordable by any means but the convenience of getting a printout delivered to you urgently is unmatched.

If you are wondering how to send the document for printing, the process is rather easy. Users can upload the document through the Blinkit app. Once uploaded, you get to choose your printout specification and make the payment. The printout will then be delivered. It is not mentioned how quickly you can get the printout delivered to your doorstep but BlinkIt says the delivery will be done in minutes. BlinkIt says that the uploaded document will be deleted from its server once the printout has been done. Additionally, the document will be delivered in a sealed envelope.

“You just have to upload the file and we will deliver it to you in minutes. There’s absolutely no manual intervention in printing and we delete the uploaded file as soon as it is printed”, said Goel.

Currently, the service is only said to be active in Gurugram and it remains to be seen how soon BlinkIt is able to offer the same to other areas.



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