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NFL player Travis Kelce girlfriend ,Kayla Nicole: Everything You Need to Know

Travis Kelce Girlfriend, Kayla Nicole is known for many things. She is a journalist, model, host, and influencer, and she used to date Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Kelce and Nicole worked hard for five years to stay together. Sad to say, they broke up in 2022. They’ve broken up and gotten back together before, but they’re done for good this time. We’ll start by talking about the key player in a relationship that’s been going on for so long that it’s worth watching some of the game footage again.

Scroll down to learn more about Kelce and Nicole’s on-and-off relationship:

What is his name?

In the National Football League, Travis Kelce Girlfriend, Kelce plays the position of tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. He went to the University of Cincinnati and was picked in the third round of the 2013 draught. In his first season, he ran for more receiving yards than anyone else on his team. This is unusual for a tight end.

In 2020, the Ohio native led the Kansas City Chiefs to a Super Bowl LIV win over the San Francisco 49ers. He has been in the Pro Bowl seven times, and in his position, he set the record for most receiving yards in a season and most consecutive seasons with more than 1000 yards. Kelce is a legend, and many Fantasy Football teams pick him.

His career keeps moving forward, and there is no end in sight.

Was Kelce on a show about dating?

Yes! Before Kelce won the Super Bowl, he was just a single guy on reality TV looking for love. In the spring of 2016, Kelce was on an E! Show called Catching Kelce, similar to The Bachelor. At the time, he had only been in the NFL for a couple of years. Fifty women from 50 states competed to find love with the NFL star.

Kelce told E!, “I’ve been in the bar and club scene, and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”

Maya Benberry was the lucky woman who won the heart of the tight end. She said to Kentucky.com, “I did win. We finished filming the last episode on April 8, and since then, we’ve had to keep things a secret. We go out on dates now. We both feel like we’re starting over.” The two people were together for about eight months.

Nicole and Kelce went public with their relationship five months after he broke up with Chasing Kelce winner Benberry. After the relationship was made public, Benberry said on Twitter that the NFL player had cheated on her.

The Shade Room’s screenshot shows that Benberry tweeted, “When you and your ex broke up five months ago, but you find out through social media that he’s supposedly been in another relationship for 6…”

Kelce has never said whether or not the accusations are true.

What is her name?

She was born and raised in Los Angeles, and in 2013 she got her Bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Pepperdine University in Malibu.

Nicole can be found on an NBA court or an NFL field, talking to players and coaches for media outlets like ESPN. The person who hosts the show sometimes shows up on Barstool Sports, TMZ, and other popular sports news sites. At one point, the Savage X Fenty ambassador worked for CBS Radio/92.3 NOW New York and covered games for the Lakers.

The California native has done more than work in the media. She has also tried modeling and competed in beauty pageants. 

The model has an impressive social media following, with 640K Instagram followers, 45.2K TikTok followers, and 36.2K YouTube subscribers. Anyone who knows Nicole or keeps up with her can see that she has a funny side. She was often seen with Patrick Mahome’s now-wife Brittany Matthews and Jackson Mahomes, the quarterback’s younger brother.

What brought Kelce and Nicole together?

Kelce and Nicole’s relationship started the way many modern relationships do: he stalked her on social media, and she sent him a direct message.

“For a few months, he had been following me on Instagram and flirting with me,” she said in an Instagram Story. “All double taps and no dm. So, after a few drinks and a pep talk from @iqueenb (something like “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? “), I sent him a direct message on New Year’s Eve.”

Their first public appearance was at his teammate’s wedding at the time, Jeremy Maclin. Soon after, Kelce wrote on Instagram that Nicole was the “peanut butter to my JELLYTIME.”

When did Kelce and Nicole break up for the first time?

No matter how good things were at one point, they all started to fall apart in 2020. It was a hard year for everyone because of COVID-19, and by the end of that summer, Kelce said they were over. The New York Post says that rumors spread that Kelce had cheated on the social media personality.

Travis Kelce Girlfriend Kelce quickly calmed things down and went on Twitter to say that cheating wasn’t why they broke up. A screenshot taken by TMZ shows that Kelce tweeted, “This is a lie and not the reason why Kayla and I broke up. Please go somewhere else with your anger.”

Nicole didn’t say anything about it, but the two did break up. They even deleted all of their posts about each other on social media. A few months later, in November 2020, Kelce confirmed in a live video with Los Angeles Sparks basketball player Chiney Ogwumike that the two had gotten back together.

Who is the girl Travis Kelce used to date? Meet Kayla Nicole

When did they break up for the second and last time?

In May 2022, things ended again, but at first, it wasn’t clear how they broke up. Barstool Sports wrote an article saying that the couple broke up after five years because Kelce made Nicole pay half for everything.

Even though it is rare, some famous people do similar things to make sure that their potential partner is not only interested in the money. Nicole put an end to these false claims right away. She said on Twitter that the article in Barstool was garbage and wrong.

Even though the 50/50 rumor was no longer true, people still wanted to know what was happening with Nicole and Kelce. Things became clear as the summer went on and into September.

Before the TikTok videos came out in the summer, the two deleted all of their photos of each other from Instagram. Nicole isn’t exactly a TikTok star, but in a video that has since been taken down, she said she felt dumb for thinking that their long-term relationship would lead to marriage.

After getting some hate, she made a second TikTok, making fun of how silly it is that she can’t even talk about these things online without getting hate. Things are over for good this time.


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